"Corporate America's best kept secret"

- Brian Nygaard - Former President, ING Broker Network

About Vestment Advisors

It is not enough to talk the talk; you had to have walked the walk. Unlike many practice management coaches that have never personally worked directly with investors, we practice everything that we recommend to our advisor clients in our own retail financial services practice.


Does Our Advice Really Work?

Vestment Advisors

Well, look at these statistics: In June, 2011 Katherine Vessenes started a retail practice in a brand new location, Rhode Island. She only knew two people in the entire state—her daughter and son-law (and neither of them qualified as clients).


By the end of 18 months she had brought on over 100 of her target clients and generated an income of $750,000, all from a dead start. In fact—she actually did this part time—never spending more than two weeks per month in Rhode Island!


If Peter and Katherine Vessenes can do this with their own practice, think what they can do for yours.


Read more on how Katherine grew her business.


What Makes Vestment Advisors Different?

Many financial advisors think of themselves as sales people with helpers. We think of this model as playing golf. As long as the advisor is making the shots and has a caddy to carry the bag, he can go wherever he wants and still make a living. Unfortunately this model has a cap, a glass ceiling with a high cost on your life.  It is not duplicable, cannot be leveraged, and it certainly cannot by scaled; it minimizes the value of the firm and puts a lot of stress on the advisor.


Financial advisors and wealth managers need to treat their practice like a business. It needs to be efficient, predictable and profitable. Like any asset, your business needs to be managed so you can sell it at some point in the future for its maximum value while optimizing your income today. We think of this model like playing football. When your practice is run like a well-organized team, everyone knows their position, their goals, their responsibilities and their duties, then entire team working together builds a world class organization.  “Scoring” becomes second nature, and the team doesn’t collapse if you add players beyond the quarterback to score.


This is a model that doesn’t require the business owner/advisor to be present for every single play. In fact the advisor can work less, make more money and know that the business is taking care of business.


For many years, Vestment Advisors only worked with multi-million dollar financial advisors, wealth managers, stock brokers and insurance agents.  During that process, we learned not only how these high performers got to be superstars, but how any advisor, at any level, with the right assistance could become a superstar. We disclosed many of the secrets of the superstars in our book: Building Your Multimillion Dollar Practice.  Click here for more information on our book


Today, we work with advisors at all levels. We have had advisors who are just starting and have no income, and advisors who make $8 million a year.  We are best known for our “bumper to bumper” approach for taking a practice and creating a multimillion-dollar business.



We assist financial advisors and financial services firms in creating the multi-million dollar business in many ways:


  • Customized coaching and consulting projects. These could be as short as a day, or last a year or longer.  Click here to learn more


  • Keynote speeches or workshops. We can customize these, or use a presentation that has proven results.  Click here to learn more


  • For larger financial service firms, broker dealers and insurance companies we are frequently engaged to solve a particular problem that requires our unique expertise and experience.


Every year we take on a few financial advisors or financial services firms. If you would like to be considered for one of our customized programs, please contact us at: info@vestmentadvisors.com or at (952) 401-1045