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Advisor, You Need a Marketing Retreat

by Katherine Vessenes.

Advisor, You Need a Marketing RetreatRevamp your marketing plan—now.

Two or three times a year, we will invite an advisor to our offices to host his or her private, one-day marketing retreat. We used to do a lot more, but I am too busy with my own practice!

We just hosted one last week and I realized the process we use could be good for readers to implement on their own. This is the perfect time of year to do a marketing retreat, so you can be ready to go in January with a plan to see lots of new people in 2014.

First, do these work? A few years ago, we did a marketing plan around a very successful advisor’s 30th anniversary in the business. Prior to the marketing plan, he had two qualified, hot prospects in his pipeline. After the plan, he had over 50! Putting the effort into your marketing plan, can pay huge dividends if you do it right.

Second: Always start with the goals of the day. Here are some typical things we cover in our retreats:

– Identifying the ideal or heavenly client

– Identifying the ideal client’s pain points

– How do you, as a firm, fix their pain?

– Why do your favorite clients enjoy working with you?

– Draft your compelling story

– Draft an elevator statement

– Draft a tagline

– Create a 12-month plan of educational and social events to go after the ideal client

– Address ancillary marketing efforts like newsletters and memberships in different groups…

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