"Corporate America's best kept secret"

- Brian Nygaard - Former President, ING Broker Network
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Terminating the Problem Client

When sticking with a client is not the right choice Yes, some advisors think this is a nice problem to have—getting rid of clients. Actually, I have found sticking with the right kind of client is a huge part of
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5 Ways to Tap the Power of Interns

When seeking financial interns, uphold these high standards If you have been reading my previous articles, you will know that we have made lots of mistakes when it comes to hiring. One thing that has worked for us is taking
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10 Reasons My Closing Ratio Tops 90%

How our sales process went from dismal to dynamic Turning prospects into happy, satisfied clients has not always been easy for me. When I first started in the industry, my closing ratio was an abysmal 20% to 30%. In fact,
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7 Steps to Hiring Great Employees

by Katherine Vessenes. How advisors can screen for the best talent We have been so blessed with the growth of the business that we are in the process of hiring two new employees. When I consider the headaches of the
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How Advisors Can Manufacture Time and Build Profits

by Katherine Vessenes. If time is money, here’s a plan for creating more time—your practice’s key asset I figure it is never too late to start treating your practice like a business. Just focusing on a few key activities can
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5 Ways to Escape Client Objections

By Katherine Vessenes. Advisors should address concerns before they are raised A few years ago I researched how to overcome objections—frankly I couldn’t find any decent strategies so I came up with my own. My system is simplicity itself: We
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Turning Compliant Clients Into Top Referral Advocates

By Katherine Vessenes. Careful compliance can build extraordinary client loyalty and make them ‘angel advocates’ for your firm I use compliance strategies to not only paper my files but also to create “angel advocates.” What is an angel advocate? It
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6 Solutions for the Stressed-Out Advisor

By Katherine Vessenes. Here’s how to not be a victim of your own success: On paper, it looked like a great two months: We brought on 16 new clients in our target market. Most advisors would have been happy with
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2 Reasons You’re Not Getting More Clients

by Katherine Vessenes. Beware these mistakes that can drive prospects away. I get a lot of calls from advisors who need help with building a better business. One of the key issues I see: They have a steady stream of
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Advisor, You Need a Marketing Retreat

by Katherine Vessenes. Revamp your marketing plan—now. Two or three times a year, we will invite an advisor to our offices to host his or her private, one-day marketing retreat. We used to do a lot more, but I am
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