"Corporate America's best kept secret"

- Brian Nygaard - Former President, ING Broker Network

Building your million dollar practice

Increase income, maximize valuation, eliminate stress. For more than 20 years, financial experts Peter and Katherine Vessenes have helped brokers, dealers, registered investment advisors, and financial service providers develop more profitable businesses. Unlike other works on financial management, which distill the best practices of superstars, this book shares the authors’ insights gleaned from their personal experiences, analysis, and consultation with the nation’s most prestigious companies. According to the Vesseneses, there are eight prosperity factors that, when aligned, lead to powerful practice management and a No-Sell Sale™, a phrase coined to mean carefully lining up all the key aspects of your sales, marketing, and support systems to create an easy, effortless sale. The result for the advisor? Increased income, maximized valuation, and significantly reduced stress. Highlights Specific chapters detail eight prosperity factors, guaranteed to empower advisors: 1. A team-based (not star-based) business 2. Strategic planning 3. Fiscal and asset management 4. A marketing system 5. Operations 6. Highly effective support staff 7. A defined sales system (the No-Sell Sale™ system) 8. Solid compliance systems Building Your Multi-Million-Dollar Practice delivers breakthrough thinking on practice management, making it the essential tool for every advisor’s office.

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