"Corporate America's best kept secret"

- Brian Nygaard - Former President, ING Broker Network

Coaching and Consulting

Coaching and consulting is not having someone keep you motivated.  Great coaching and consulting also needs to be focused on more than just making you operate in your own “sweet spot”.  Effective coaching requires an understanding of all the factors that impact a business.  This includes making sure the coach or consultant possesses:


  • A core understanding of the financial management of the business
  • All of the dynamics of your teams, including the corporate culture, the team’s cognitive abilities, and most importantly, their conative makeup
  • The ability to reshape and improve the culture of the company
  • “Street” experience in the industry
  • A background in executive management
  • “Hands on” time in Strategic and Functional Business Planning
  • Personal experience in the sales process


Peter and Katherine are not your typical consultants.  Few coaches or consultants in our industry carry personal professional experience of over 25 years.  Even fewer have actually built both a retail financial services organization and worked at the highest levels in large broker/dealers.


Whether it is their understanding that the single largest asset of your practice is not your “people” but the company culture they operate under, or having experience working with the broad diversity of people that make up the advisors in a Broker Dealer, Vestment Advisors’ coaching and consulting efforts are unique.


What makes it “unique”?  There is no boilerplate method of coaching or consulting.  Vestment Advisors conducts a hard-core, broad based assessment of each of its clients.  Our experience in the industry allows us to complete the assessment in a fraction of the time other coaches/consultants would need to gather the same information.  From this we create a custom approach to reaching our client’s objectives in realistic time frames.  We understand our clients are not sitting around with nothing else to do- we build action plans that take into account your work flow, your capacity, and most importantly, the tactics taken in the right order to make the shifts in the company’s habits, methods and performance.


There is no “standard” way to make effective changes in all companies, and frankly, what was an effective way to make a change in a company 3 years ago probably would not work today.


Let Vestment Advisors help you bridge your business to the next level.  Become a “world class” organization regardless of your size.  Contact us!  (952) 401-1045