"Corporate America's best kept secret"

- Brian Nygaard - Former President, ING Broker Network

Speeches and Training


“I don’t feel like I have succeeded unless every attendee leaves with at least one idea that will help them build a better business tomorrow.”  -Katherine


Katherine’s topics cover sales, marketing, ethics and compliance.  Peter’s Topics cover sales strategies, fiscal management, strategic marketing, organizational development, and perhaps most important of all, leadership.  Customized programs to your firm’s specific needs have been a regular feature of Peter and Katherine’s efforts.


Here are a few of the topics they cover:


  • The No-Sell Sale®–how to become the beloved, trusted advisor and create a WOW client experience that naturally generates happy, satisfied clients and effortless referrals.


  • How We Engaged Over 100 Financial Planning Clients in Just 18 Months — Katherine will go through the 9 success factors that she used to start a wildly successful retail business from scratch in a location where she had not one single contact.


  • How to Build the Multi-Million Dollar Practice (or Just Increase Your Income)—the 8 success factors the Superstars use to create a 7-figure income. Any advisor, at any level will get some tips on how to improve their business.


  • Why Your Clients Need Tax Free Income in Retirement—with the recent changes in tax legislation increasing the taxes for your best clients, planning solid tax-free distribution strategies are more important than ever. Katherine shows how she works with her own investment clients to help them create tax-free income in retirement.


  • Indexed Universal Life—This can be a great solution—for the right client. Katherine discloses how to find the right client, qualify them, and then cover the pros and the cons of IULs. She also goes over her sales process which she calls the WOW client experience and includes the important disclosures she makes with every case. This presentation could be as short as an hour, or a full day workshop.


  • Kolbe®–How to Get the Right staff person on the right bus in the seat.  Katherine and Peter reveal how this inexpensive tool has completely changed struggling businesses and help them create a more efficient, synergistic and profitable team. This is the first stop before hiring a new employee. They have even used it to save marriages!


  • The Secrets of Niche Marketing — Although a lot has been written about the importance of Niche marketing, few advisors have mastered the techniques for finding and testing the right niche. Katherine goes through the different things she learned and the mistakes she make before she found the right niche for her. Once she found the right niche, she engaged more than 100 clients in the first 18 months, working part-time.


  • Tripling Your Profits — Discover the fiscal management secrets that can significantly impact the profitability of your practice.  Peter goes through the tools and techniques he mastered in 30 years of corporate turnaround and transition.


  • The Money Trail — Come to terms with how many steps it takes to truly operate the business, how it impacts revenue and profitability, and where your bottlenecks and “Chinese Lanterns” truly are.  Find out what large corporations pay six and seven figure sums to straighten out in their operations, and how it applies to yours!